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Are you ready to commit time and energy to your novel? Do you want to finish your draft in the coming year? Do you need support, encouragment and accoutability?


This one-year mentorship program is designed to work for writers at any entry point, whether it is with the beginning seed of an idea or a draft of a novel or memoir. We will work through three main stages of the writing process:

Stage 1: Start Your Story

At this stage, you may have an initial idea for a novel or memoir, or you may have work-in-progress. We'll complete a series of acitivites to understand the foundational elements of your story, including the following:

  • Why you need to write this story

  • What your point is

  • Who is your protagonist?

  • Who is your narrator?

  • What is the setting?

  • Developing the storyline

Stage 2: Plan Your Story

At this stage, you will flesh out the story ideas to develop an Inside Outline. This tool works for pantsers and plotters, and will prepare you to write a draft with direction and confidence.

Stage 3: Write Your Story

At this stage of the writing journey, you'll be drafting pages of your story while learning the tools necessary for writing. Including

  • Opening scenes

  • Closing scenes

  • Conflict

  • Dialogue

  • Character Development

  • Cause-and-effect trajectory

  • Emotion on the page

During our 12 months together, we will explore what story you want to tell, how to tell it. This package includes:

  • Weekly 2-hour Zoom calls including mini-lessons, writing exercises, and group book coaching 

  • Weekly 2-hour co-writing sessions to focus on your individual writing goals

  • Completion of Author Accelerator’s Blueprint for a Book

  • Completion of a draft of your work-in-progress

  • Support and encouragement to reach your goals


By the end, you will have completed the Author Accelerator's Blueprint for a Book, including an Inside Outline for your story, a completed draft of your manuscript, strategies for revision, and an understanding of future publishing paths. 

Commitment: 1 year

Investment: $175/month

Non-refundable deposit $200 due on registration 

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