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About Me

With a combination of compassion, tough love, and proven strategies, I hold writers’ hands through the book writing process. I serve fiction and memoir writers, especially those focused on historical fiction, women’s fiction, memoir, and young adult, who are ready to invest in their writing, and themselves. As a former teacher, I love working with teachers who have a pssion for writing. (Do you have a copy of my free workbook for teachers? Download it here.)


As an author with two published books, I’ve experienced the struggles all writers face. I’ve taken workshops, seminars, courses, and gone to writing retreats. I earned a Graduate Certificate of Creative Writing from Humber School for Writers and a Certificate of Creative Writing from University of Toronto. I’ve soaked up the pages of craft books, listened to podcasts, watched videos, and read blogs. Everything I’ve done (and continue to do) has helped in my development as a writer. But, by far, the most useful strategy—the one that transformed my writing—was working with mentors one-on-one. I’m forever grateful for the amazing authors who have mentored me over the years.

That’s why I love book coaching so much.

As a published author of a family memoir and historical fiction, long-time teacher, avid book lover, and Author Accelerator trained book coach, workshop presenter, and retreat co-host,I know both the joys and the struggles of writing. I also know you don't have to do it alone.

Whether you prefer 1:1 book coaching, group mentorship sessions, or writing retreats, I can help you write a great book. Are you ready to get started?

My Background

I'm a nearly empty nester, living with my husband and energetic puppy Emmy. After over twenty-five years as a high school English and AP Research teacher, I retired early to pursue my writing and book coaching dreams and have never looked back. I am a lifelong learner and have earned a Bachelor of Arts (Honours, English), Bachelor of Education, Master of Education, Certification of Creative Writing, Graduate Certificate of Creative Writing, and Book Coaching Certification. Author Accelerator is the premiere book coaching certification program and community and I'm proud to be part of it. I am also a member of the following organizations:

  • Writers' Union of Canada

  • Canadian Authors Association

  • Sudbury Writers' Guild (past president)

  • Sampo Rhythmic Gymnastics Club

  • Canadian Gymnastics Federation

  • Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation

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"Liisa Kovala is a fantastic book coach! She approached the developmental edit sessions for my first draft manuscript as a member of a team. With both myself as author and her as coach we considered the goals and purpose of the project together. She asked specific, pointed questions to guide the conversation. We discussed character development, plot and conflict considering what was working and what wasn’t and how to move forward with improvements. At all times the project was the focus. Her ‘red, yellow and green light’ thoughts and suggestions were an orderly way to discuss potential problems and solutions. Liisa’s strength as a book coach is in her knowledge and skills as a writer herself. She applies what she knows and has learned through her own career.  She is also, simply put, a delightful person to work with!"

Emily De Angelis, author of The Stones of Burren Bay

(on working on her second YA novel)

Emily De Angelis, author

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