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Liisa Kovala

Book Coach

I help aspiring women writers to overcome their fears, rekindle their passion for words, and craft powerful women-centred novels.


I believe the world needs women's stories. If you've been dreaming about writing a novel or memoir but are afraid to start or doubt your abilities, or you have a stalled work-in-progress, I can give you the tools and support to move forward. I believe in compassionate and honest feedback that helps the writer grow and their manuscript bloom. We all have a story within us, waiting to be shared. I can help you tell yours. Let me show you how.

Special Offer!

Do you have a story idea for a novel or memoir? Not sure if it's "good enough" or don't know how to get started? I have a special Mini Blueprint offer, including an editorial letter and one-hour Zoom call to discuss your ideas and make a plan to move forward for only $149 (+tax). Limited slots available. Contact me for a spot.

Are you a teacher or retired teacher? Check out my free workbook designed especially for you.


A book coach is a combination of editor, mentor, sounding board, cheerleader, emotional support person, and project manager. A book coach guides you to complete your goals, whether it is an initial plan for the seed of an idea, a first draft of a novel, a revision of a finished draft, or a pathway to publishing.

Let’s be honest: there are no guarantees, but working with a book coach can help you move your project forward and save you time and frustration compared to going it alone. The magic happens when you’re open to ideas and trust yourself to dig deeper.

Book coaching is a collaboration. During the process, we’ll discuss your particular needs and find solutions to the problems you are encountering. I’ll provide feedback on your written work, and we’ll discuss it in one-on-one video calls. This process can help you improve your craft, gain confidence, and create a plan for your next steps.

I coach writers at various stages of their journey in multiple genres and categories. I'm particularly passionate about women's stories and love historical fiction, women's fiction, memoir, and young adult.

Interested in learning more? Contact me and let's get started.

Interested in becoming a book coach?

Author Accelerator is on a mission to raise the bar on book coaching – to help book coaches run successful, sustainable businesses helping writers do their best work. They have trained and certified more than 100 book coaches (including me!) through their Book Coach Certification program. If you’re interested in doing this work yourself, click here to find out what book coaching is and become a certified book coach yourself. 

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