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Do you have a completed draft of your novel? Do you need a fresh set of eyes on the page? Do you need feedback for the big picture items to start the next draft? If so, the Manuscript Evaluation is for you.

After sending the completed draft, I will provide feedback within six weeks (longer for manuscripts in excess of 80 000 words). This package includes:


  • An initial 30-minute video call to discuss the draft

  • Submission of a One-Page Book Summary

  • Submission of the completed draft of the novel

  • A manuscript audit

  • An editorial letter outlining the issues and suggested plan for revision

  • A 60-minute coaching call to discuss the evaluation and a plan for moving forward


By the end of the manuscript evaluation, you will have specific feedback about key concerns in your manuscript and a plan for revision of the next draft.

Investment:  Price varies depending on manuscript length. Please contact me for a quotation.

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