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Image by Georgia de Lotz

What is a book coach?

A book coach is a combination of editor, mentor, sounding board, cheerleader, emotional support person, and project manager. A book coach guides you to complete your goals, whether it is an initial plan for the seed of an idea, a first draft of a novel, a revision of a finished draft, or a pathway to publishing.

Let’s be honest: there are no guarantees, but working with a book coach can help you move your project forward and save you time and frustration compared to going it alone. The magic happens when you’re open to ideas and trust yourself to dig deeper.

Book coaching is a collaboration. During the process, we’ll discuss your particular needs and find solutions to the problems you are encountering. I’ll provide feedback on your written work, and we’ll discuss it in one-on-one video calls. This process can help you improve your craft, gain confidence, and create a plan for your next steps.

I coach writers at various stages of their journey in multiple genres and categories. I'm particularly passionate about women's stories and love historical fiction, women's fiction, memoir, and young adult.

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