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Beyond the Blackboard: Writing Workshop for Teachers

Are you a teacher who loves to write but can't seem to find the time in your busy schedule? Do you have fears or doubts about your writing? Do you need strategies, support, and encouragement to start your story? As an educator, you already have the framework to learn how to write a novel or memoir. It is not only possible to write while teaching, it's also necessary to give yourself time and space to write in order to have the energy to serve others.

In this free 90-minute workshop designed for teachers, retired teachers, and education professionals, we will:​​

  • Participate in a series of writing activities

  • Discuss roadblocks to writing and find solutions

  • Investigate ways to integrate writing into your day-to-day life

  • Uncover the benefits of writing to energize your life

  • Explore your initial story ideas


By the end, you will have strategies to integrate wrtiting into your life and have renewed passion for your story idea.

If you are interested in this 90-minute workshop (in-person or Zoom) for your organization, please contact me.

Investment: Free

Presenter Bio:

Liisa Kovala is a teacher, author, and Author Accelerator Certified Book Coach. She helps women educators rekindle their passion for writing and craft powerful women-centred novels. Liisa works with women at all stages of the writing process from the intial seed of an idea to navigating the publishing process. 

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